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Marital conflict is a significant source of environmental stress for children. Witnessing such conflict may harm their stress response systems, affecting their mental and intellectual development. Research findings suggest that stress from marital conflict can hinder children’s development of cognitive ability.

Marriage therapy is not just for married couples. David will help you if you are in any relationship that you find challenging. You may live with your partner, have only started dating recently or perhaps you are going through a separation. In each case, marriage therapy will give you the tools and skills you need to restore harmony in your life.

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David began his career as a school chaplain in Dublin helping teenagers and their families. He then worked in residential care supporting vulnerable young people. He trained to be a Systemic Family Therapist in the prestigious Clanwilliam Institute, graduating in 2003. Since then his team of consultants have prepared over 25,000 couples for marriage. He now has an online marriage training course in Mexico, Spain and the USA.

David has appeared on Ryan Tubridy, The Afternoon Show, all the daily newspapers and national radio shows. He was the expert on the BBC’S “You’re not the man I married” and was a regular contributor on Newstalk. David enjoys speaking on a range of topics but with a style that is accessible and witty.

David is a registered family psychotherapist.

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

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