Aspire stopsmoking

Aspire uses the most advanced stop smoking techniques ever created, combined with our new unique Active X technology, and amazing insights from the field of neuroscience, to give you an exceptional program that literally changes your brain and cures your addiction.

We put hypnosis and mindfulness at the core of our program to help you quit smoking. Millions of people around the world have quit smoking using both these methods.

The human brain has a feature called plasticity. This means that any addiction like smoking can be completely cured within ninety days. To help you quit smoking, we give you a special audio program that you simply listen to once a week which changes the neural connections in your brain, releasing dopamine and reducing cravings.

We give you two contracts to sign as soon as you agree to quit smoking. With these contracts signed, the reticular activation system in your brain goes to work to achieve your goals, helping you achieve a smoke free life within 90 days.

The Aspire book gives you insider secrets on how to stop smoking forever. We show you what neuroscience research has discovered about habits and show you how to break these habits for good. We show you how to cope with cravings, how to use distraction methods to beat them and how to reduce the impact of nicotine on your body as soon as possible.

The diet and exercise programs that we have created for you were designed by industry experts who specialise in nutrition and fitness. By following these programs carefully, you will avoid any weight gain which many people endure while trying to quit smoking.

Psst: We are not just a smoking cessation program, we are a life enhancement program.

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