Sex therapist – Offers Professional Advice

David Kavanagh, a systemic family counsellor based in Dundrum, Co. Dublin, has 16+ years’ experience as a sex therapist.

David Kavanagh is a registered psychotherapist. He is the author of “Love Rewired- using your brain to mend your heart”. He has helped over 12,000 couples to date and is a specialist in the area of addiction. Based in Dundrum, David runs a thriving private practice.

Sex therapist – Offers Professional Advice

While the idea of seeing a sex therapist seems scary for most people, there is nothing to be afraid of! David has successfully worked with hundreds of couples. While most of these couples were initially nervous about opening up about their sex lives, or lack of, they always reported on how happy they were once they sought help.

David offers professional advice. He realises that this subject can be a touchy one for most and so strives to make his sessions comfortable, non-judgemental and of course confidential.

What is a Sex therapist?

Sex therapy can be described as therapy or counselling that focuses mainly on physical or psychological problems that people experience in relation to sex.

The evolution of Sex therapy:

The introduction of sex therapy into psychology practices has been around since the 1960’s. Doctor’s William Masters and Virginia Johnson researched and published articles on a new approach to dealing with sexual problems in a therapeutic manner.

David Kavanagh

David Kavanagh is a registered psychotherapist.
He is the author of “Love Rewired- using your brain to mend your heart”. He has helped over 12,000 couples to date and is a specialist in the area of addiction. Based in Dundrum, David runs a thriving private practice.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or general mental health difficulties then David is the expert that you are looking for.

As a systemic psychotherapist, he is qualified to treat the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Anorexia
  • Addiction-Alcohol, Porn, Sex and Gambling
  • Bereavement issues
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Marital Issues
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • LGBT couples

Courses I Offer



Mindfulness is the practice of deliberately focusing your attention on the present moment, and accepting it without judgement.
If you are feeling sad, angry or fearful, mindfulness helps you to accept these feelings.

In doing so, mindfulness reduces your stress levels and gives you inner peace. It’s a simple but effective form of meditation.

It’s accessible to all of us, regardless of our spiritual beliefs.


We live in a busy world. You plan your day while commuting to work.
In the rush to complete your ‘to do’ list, you discover that you are losing your connection with everything else, missing out on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

Relationship Bootcamp

There are many ways that completing our relationship course will help you and your partner to improve your relationship such as:

  • Strengthened communication skills:This course will show you how to interact more positively and respectfully and help you both find ways to improve your listening and communication skills. This will allow you both to feel heard and understood throughout your lives together
  • Learning conflict resolution skills:Relationship Bootcamp will give you and your partner the opportunity to discuss specific issues that may be worrying you or causing difficulties in your relationship. These new skills will help you to cope with the inevitable challenges that come with every relationship

Aspire stopsmoking

Aspire uses the most advanced stop smoking techniques ever created, combined with our new unique Active X technology, and amazing insights from the field of neuroscience, to give you an exceptional program that literally changes your brain and cures your addiction.

We put hypnosis and mindfulness at the core of our program to help you quit smoking. Millions of people around the world have quit smoking using both these methods.

The human brain has a feature called plasticity. This means that any addiction like smoking can be completely cured within ninety days. To help you quit smoking, we give you a special audio program that you simply listen to once a week which changes the neural connections in your brain, releasing dopamine and reducing cravings.

Head Wise – mindfulness for teenagers

Are you a parent living with a teenager stressed out from study? Or are you caring for a child that is burnt out from smart phone or internet addiction?

If so, you may be distracted at work as a result. Even if you are not consciously aware of any distractions, our brains are closely connected to our family members, so what upsets them can have a residual impact on us.

This is why we offer you the Headwise Programme, for children and teenagers suffering from stress. Research has proven beyond doubt that mindfulness has a very positive impact on children’s’ brains as it gives their brains the space and time they need to process stress more effectively.

Catholic Marriage Online prep classes

Are you looking for a Marriage preparation course that is simple to complete, thorough and fun?

We here at Avalon understand that preparing everything for your big day can be a stressful process and that is why we’ve created this easy to use online course that can be completed in the privacy of your own home and at a pace and time that suits you both… Sound good so far?

As a couple, you will learn how to maintain a healthy relationship, for now and in the future. With the information we have obtained from our team of over 20 field experts*, we will give you advice on faith formation, parenting, sexuality and even how the unconscious brain can affect your choice of partner.

*With a combined 250 years of clinical experience including Psychology, Family Therapy, Theology, Law, Fertility and Finance, you can rest assured whatever your questions, we’ve got them covered! Our Online Pre Marriage course covers a wide range of topics designed specifically to help you on your journey together.*