Familia write section 32 reports for family Courts in Ireland. We write fair and balanced section 32 reports.

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Familia Supporting Families

Familia offer section 32 and section 47 reports to families who are unable to resolve custody and access issues by themselves.

Report Writing

Familia specialise in writing court reports. Our team of experts have been completing reports for families for five years. Unlike some assessors who may have gender bias, Familia have a mixed team who can assess each family individually if needed and we ensure that all of our recommendations offer the very best outcomes for family members, especially for children.

Family Therapy

In some cases, you may be required to attend for family therapy sessions either before or after your court report. As Systemic family therapists the Familia team are well placed to help your family with our expertise in the family therapy domain. We work with children, teenagers and individual parents to make sure that their voices are respected during the initial assessment phase of the section 32 or 47 report.

Parenting Coaching

David and Liz are two of the best parenting coaches available who will support you, guide you and enhance your parenting skills to ensure that both you and your children grow together as a family. We also conduct parenting assessments. We will make a recommendation to the Court about either parent’s capacity to meet the needs of their children. You do not always need a court order to request a parenting assessment with Familia.

Who We Are

David Kavanagh and Liz Wilson are Systemic Family Therapists. Together they have over seventy years of experience helping couples and families. They are always professional and are very dedicated to their clients. They are here to help you during the process of completing the section 32 report as much as possible and to ensure that your experience of going to Court is as stress-free as possible.

Reports written by the Familia team are peer reviewed. This means that David reads Liz’s reports and she reads his before they are submitted to Court. They do this to ensure the fairness and equality of every report they submit to Court. This prevents  solicitors from criticising reports for being biased or one-sided.

When it is necessary, the Familia team expands to include other consultants. In some cases that involves teachers or psychologists conducting Section 32 ‘B’ reports.

Why not contact us today to talk about your case and learn how Familia can support your family?

Our Philosophy

We think that every family member has a right to be heard. We also give special attention to your child’s voice. For some families that are experiencing separation or conflict, all too often children are not listened to properly. Parents are sometimes too overwhelmed with their own personal problems to properly hear and respect their childrens’ needs.

Each family is different. In the assessment phase of our process, we discuss with you what we believe is in your family’s best interests. We then support you in creating a new carefully structured plan to give your family the assistance, tools and practical skills it needs to navigate the sometimes difficult journey through the Courts.

1. Experience

The Familia team are two of the most experienced professionals available to work with families in Ireland. Both David and Liz have been engaged in preparing court reports for numerous years and they pride themselves on providing families with fair, balanced and meaningful reports.

2. Сonfidentiality

From the initial contact with Familia to the very end of the process, we take your privacy very seriously. Only in exceptional circumstances involving child welfare will we ever breach this confidentiality. As Systemic Psychotherapists David and Liz are bound by their strict code of ethics to maintain confidentiality.

3. Fast Results

In some situations assessors take a huge amount of time to finish their report. This often causes great upset to a family. Familia guarantee that each report needed by the Court will be lodged in time for your Court date.

4. Free First Consultation

To start the process of really supporting your family, please  reach out to the Familia team by e-mail or by telephone. During the initial consultation David will explore with you the history of your situation and make an assessment to see if Familia are indeed the most appropriate team to assist your family. In some cases you may be recommended to contact a different assessor but we will always try to work with your family where it is possible.

Our Expertise

Family Therapy

Report Writing

Familia are family therapy experts. Understanding family dynamics and recognising challenges like parental alienation are two key features offered by the Familia team.

Familia are qualified to write Section 32 A, B and 47 reports.


Meet Our Team

David Kavanagh

David Kavanagh is a registered psychotherapist. He has supported many families to get the best outcome from their experience of the family courts system. He is the author of "Love Rewired-Using your brain to mend your heart". David has worked with couples and families for over 20 years. David is based in Templeogue.

Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson (Mont. Dip. B.A. (Psy), Post Grad Certificate in Bereavement Counselling, MSc, Systemic Psychotherapy) has over 40 years of experience helping children and families. Liz began her career working with children and their families whose lives had been badly damaged by the first wave of heroin addiction.


Ciaran Mc Tigue is a secondary school teacher with over twenty years of experience working for schools in Ireland. Ciaran completes our section 32 B reports as he is fully qualified to do so. Ciaran is professional and friendly and has excellent communication skills with children. Ciaran enjoys supporting children and is a valuable staff member of our team.

How We Work

Our Usual Process

Stage 1. Initial consulation

Stage 2. Meeting the family

Stage 3. Investigation

Stage 4. Analysis

Stage 5. Report writing